Dov Shares

Step 1

Am I An Addict Or Just Normal?


Denial In The 1st Step


Who Said I’m An Addict?


Don’t Take That First Drink!


Am I An Addict Because Of Porn? (Short Version)


Am I An Addict Because Of Porn? (Long Version)


Definition Of Powerlessness

Can’t live with it, can’t live without it

The problem is this: When I don’t use porn, it’s hard for me to deal with so many things. It doesn’t happen …

How do you move from lust to love?

Lust and love are two words that are opposites, but nevertheless, the confusion between them is huge. It’s not surprising. …

Complete Anonymity

For many, joining a group is a frightening step that raises many concerns: “Who will I meet there? What will happen if …