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If You Belong in a Sex Addiction Program

If your main addictive behaviors involve live sexual relations, we suggest that you try one of the ‘S’ recovery groups instead of PA.

When it comes to 12-step groups for sexual addiction, people are surprised to learn that there are five of them:

Some parts of the world have some or all of these different “fellowships” while other places have fewer choices, if any.  There are also online and telephone meetings available.

Why all these groups?

In Alcoholics Anonymous there is only one way to be sober: stop drinking! However, “sexual sobriety” is different, because the goal isn’t to stop having sex. Each of the 12-step groups for sex addiction defines sobriety a little differently. This is helpful to know when deciding which group to attend. 

To learn more about the differences between the groups, see this article.

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